Before using the color contact lens


What to prepare

Lens care products for soft contact lenses
Lens care products are necessary when using contact lenses other than One Day!
Lens care products of type that can wash / disinfect / rinse / save with 1 ♪ is recommended ♪
In case
* Products with a long use time are recommended to use protein remover to prevent foreign body feeling due to protein contamination and poor visibility.
※ Hydrogen peroxide type lens care supplies, please do not use because there is a risk of influencing the pigment of color.
Contact lens case
A lens case is necessary to save the lens!
When purchasing lens care supplies many lenses are included with many products.
Use it when wearing (removing) the lens.
It is recommended that the eye size is easy to see large size.
Used to wear (remove) the lens ♪
When wearing lens, it is convenient to prepare tissues at hand because moisture is attached to the finger and the lens sticks to your fingers and mounting is difficult.

Before installing

Let's cut the nail short
If the nail is long, it will be torn and damaged by the nail when removing the lens or performing lens care.
Cut the nail short, let's touch the lens after smoothly arranging.
Wearing a lens with a long nail can cause scratches on the eyeball and it is dangerous!
Let's wash your hands
Various dirt adheres to the hand.
If you touch the lens in an unsanitary condition, dirt and germs adhere to the lens and cause eye disorder and foreign body sensation.
Let's touch the lens after washing the palm, fingers and nails cleanly with soap attached!
Let's check the lens before opening / before opening
Lenses are inspected at the factory so that defective products and the like do not get into it, but before checking and opening, let's check carefully to see if there is dirt adhesion or breakage on the lens.
Let's rinse the lens
Many products are stored in physiological saline storage solution for unopened lenses.
Since salinity and physiological saline are different for tears, you may feel irritated by sensitive people if you install as it is due to the difference in osmotic pressure.
Please wash with a rinse for soft contact lens before wearing.
Let's check the front and back of the lens
Contact lenses have a back and a table.
Putting the back side upside down may cause pain, the lens may shift, causing poor visibility.
↓ Correct Orientation (Border of the lens is bowl shaped.)
↓ facing downwards (the lens border is revolving)
How to wear a color contact lens