How to wear a color contact lens


Installation procedure

【1】Please check whether there is any abnormality in the state of the naked eye

Before you wear a color control, please check your eyes for abnormality such as hyperemia, eye irritation and pain.
When you feel something wrong please do not wear a color control.

【2】Remove the lens

Please prepare the nail short and smooth so as not to damage the lens, please take out so that the nail does not hit the lens.

【3】When it is difficult to take with your fingers

It is convenient to have tweezers with soft tip for contact lenses.

【4】Handle the lens gently and politely

Because the lens is a soft material it hits the nail or it will be torn by applying force. Please handle gently and politely.

【5】Check the front and back of the lens · scratches and dirt

Place the lens on your index finger of your dominant hand and make sure the front and back are oriented properly and whether the lens is scratched or dirty.
The lens may be reversed in the inside of the container. Since it is not always confirmed that it is in the correct orientation, please check the front and back of the lens shape and design before installing.

Correct orientation (The lens border is shaped like a bowl.)


Face down (the lens border is revolving.)


【6】Pull the lower eyelid down

While holding the lens on the index finger of your dominant hand, please lower the lower eyel with the middle finger of the same dominant hand.

【7】Pull up on the upper eyelid

Please pull up the upper eyelid with the hand of the person who does not put the lens.

【8】Let's look straight ahead for the black eyes

Open the upper eyelid and lower eyelid firmly, and bring the lens closer to your eyes while watching the lens.

【9】Open the upper and lower eyelids tightly

Keep the lens gently on the black eyes while looking straight ahead so as not to move the black eyes.
When moisture is attached to the finger, it is difficult for the lens to separate from your finger, so please wipe off the finger moisture when it is difficult to put in it.

【10】Please gently put the lens on the eyes

Be careful not to push your eyes strongly with your fingers trying to wear lenses.

【11】Make sure the lens is in the correct position

When the lens reaches the eyes, gently release your finger and check that the lens is on the middle of the black eyes and slowly close the upper and lower eyelids.

【12】Please check if there is no sense of incongruity in eyes

Make eye blinks several times, please make sure that there is no sense of incompatibility or lens misalignment in the eyes with the lens.
Somewhat foreign body feeling etc. immediately after wearing, it may calm down if you wear the lens for several minutes while wearing it.
Please remove the lens immediately when wearing and severe pain and congestion occurred.