How to remove a color contact lens


Procedure for removal

【1】Open your eyes wide

Please lower the lower eyelid with the hand of one who is not dominant hand.

【2】Put the lens between your thumb and index finger

Look carefully at the straight mirror and check the position of the lens, be careful not to stand the nails, bring the thumb and forefinger of the dominant hand closer to the lens.

【3】Let's look straight ahead without fear

You may be scared until you get used to it, but please close your eyes and look at the mirror firmly so as not to move the black eyes.

【4】Let's gently and slowly remove the lens

When your finger touches the lens, shift the lens slightly toward the bottom of black eyes.
When the lens is dry and does not move, do not forcibly move, moisten your eyes with eye drops, artificial tears etc. that can be used when wearing soft contact lenses, please make sure that the lens moves on the black eyes.

【5】Please be careful not to stand your nails

Squeeze the lens with your thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand and gently remove it from your eyes

【6】The eyes are still open until the lens is completely removed

Please keep your eyes firmly open with the lower eyelid drawn down until the lens is completely removed from your eyes.

【7】Please check whether there is any abnormality in eyes.

Please slowly blink after removing the lens.
Please check whether there is congestion or pain.