How to care a color contact lens


Lens care method

【1】Let's wash your hands well before lens care

Put the lenses removed from your eyes on the palm washed clean with soap.

【2】Please use care products for soft contact lenses

Please pour a lot of washing solution into the palm of your hand.
Please do not use hydrogen peroxide type care products for color contact lens care.

【3】gently rub it with forefinger

Be careful not to touch the lens with nails and gently rub it with your index finger.
If you scrub with a finger other than your fingers (cloth, cotton swab, etc.) it will scratch the lens, so please never do.

【4】Rubbing washing 30 times in the table, 30 times in the back

Please wipe gently with reference to each 30 times on each side.

【5】Please rinse the lens with new washing solution

Please throw away the dirty cleaning solution, rinse with plenty of new washing solution and rinse

【6】Please make sure there are no dirt

Rinse the front and back sides thoroughly and check that the dirt has fallen.

【7】Please keep it in a clean contact lens case

Please put a new cleaning solution in a clean contact lens case and leave it for more than 4 hours to disinfect it before use.
Please wash the lens case every time, please dry again after spontaneous drying.
Let's replace the lens case with a new one once every three months.