Allegro 2week


Allegro 2week

New release on June 25!

"Allegro 2 Week" is a natural-type color contact lens brand that was planned to respond to women who want to enjoy fashion according to the scene.
For scenes that you do not want to be a color contact lens, the five colors of a single color (1 tone) lens close to the naked eye, the scenes that want to make use of the color contact lens-likeness, produce a splendid two-tone color that becomes an accent of the eyes 3 tone color is recommended.


  Allegro 2 Week・Product features

【1】Lens variation desired by adult women

To women who want to enjoy fashion in various scenes. With natural size and color, Natural color control "Allegro 2 Week" which is easy to use both for everyday use and special day. We develop two colors of brown and black with abundant lens design.


The classic design "soprano brown · soprano black" which shows the contour clearly
In dot design, fluffy and gentle impression "Waltz mocha · Waltz black"
"Fine Brown" that imparts a sense of softness and impressive eyes at the same time
To the scene where the color control does not want to bull!


Sweet, feminine "Alto Brown"
Chic, attractive casual "Tenor Brown"
To the scene that you want fancy and glamorous!


"Rondo Brown" which creates a three-dimensional feeling in the pupil
A feeling of gloss is born in the eyes "Rondo Amber"
Normally, as well as special scenes!

【2】Musical notation mark showing the front and back of the lens


Allegro 2 Week has been designed with musical notation marks that recognize the front and back of the lens.
※Attaching the front and back of the lens in the opposite direction may cause pain, foreign body feeling / poor visibility, lenses may shift or come off.
※Since soft contact lenses are soft materials, please cut nails short and cut carefully, carefully so as not to break the lens.

【3】Colored diameter according to lens design


I chose the coloring diameter with which the pupil is the most beautifully stand out for each lens design. The difference of 0.1 mm is packed with commitment to "natural".


Lens color list

【1】Soprano Brown

Emphasize the eyes naturally, with a nudy gentle eye. It is versatile and basic one-on-one design that matches any makeup.

【2】Soprano Black

Adult black con designs intellectual eyes. The elegant and simple design of black creates an elegant and impressive beauty.

【3】Waltz Mocha

A sticky natural color creates, a transparent feeling like a wet eyes. Soft and gentle dot designs will sweetly and gentle on your naked eye.

【4】Waltz Black

An excellent black con that produces a balanced sweetness and intelligence. It delicately blurs the naked eye border, and creates glittering elegance in the eyes.

【5】Fine Brown

Choose a scene, sophisticated one-tone design. The delicate gradation sticking to the sense of sheerness enhances the beauty of only the naked eye you have.

【6】Alto Brown

Producing a lovely chuu eyashi with gloss like pearl. A soft border drawn with dots makes the natural color of the base color more attractive.

【7】Tenore Brown

Brown of a classical color creates a shiny feeling in the eyes. It is a design that can be used for chic and casual, playfulness was effective and it is not too sweet eyes.

【8】Rondo Brown

Orange Brown directing sweetness and cuteness creates a female eyes. It is a wonderful design that creates a bright, gorgeous three-dimensional effect, it colors natural eyes.

【9】Rondo Amber

To the dark brown that adapts to your eyes, plus the delicate light brown sparkle. In a three-tone design sparkling in the moment, appealing femininity casually.


  Features of Allegro 2 Week lens

【1】Sandwich structure


It is a sandwich structure in which the pigment does not touch the eyes directly because it is wrapped in a transparent material.

【2】Nonionic lens

Nonionic material lenses are resistant to contamination of proteins and so on, comfortable wearing feeling continues.


【3】Low water content lens

Lower water-containing lenses are less susceptible to eye thirst because the amount of tears taken into the lens is small.


【4】Lens care required

Dirt and bacteria always accumulate in the lens. Always make correct lens care everyday.

【5】Product Specifications


Sales name: MC-2weeks lens
PWR:0.00(No degree)/-0.50
-1.00~-6.00(0.25 Step)
-6.00~-7.00(0.50 Step)
Center thickness:0.08mm(In the case of -3.00 D)
Moisture content:38.0%
Expiration date: Within 2 weeks after opening
Contents: 4pcs per box
Publisher: Beau-Frontier Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing vendor:M.I Japan Co., Ltd.
Country of Origin: South Korea
Advanced management medical device approval number:22700BZX00111000