Shopping guide

■Order flow■
【1】place the order.
【2】Automatic delivery mail will be sent from the system.
【3】We will send you an order confirmation email / guide mail of payment.
・Credit card transaction → order confirmation, preparation for shipment
【4】After delivery is completed, we will send a shipping completion e-mail.
【5】If you receive the item at hand, please check whether there is any mistake in the items you ordered.
■About payment■
overseas payment method
Credit card · Alipay · Paypal
■About delivery■
overseas delivery method.
■About consumption tax■
Consumption tax rate: 8%
Consumption tax calculation order: 1 consumption tax calculation for each item
Less than 1 yen Consumption tax Fraction: rounded
■cancellation and return policy■
●We do not accept cancellation / change after shipment of ordered item. Please consider the product carefully when ordering.
(If you can contact us by 10 am on the ship date, you can cancel or change your order.)
●If you can not confirm payment within 7 days after sending your order confirmation email, we will cancel your order.
●Although we pay close attention to the delivery date, please understand that fluctuations in the delivery date may occur due to production situation, system trouble, and other circumstances. It will not be responsible even if the customer or the third party suffered damage.
●If you do not receive automatic delivery mail after your order: After receiving your order, automatic reply mail will be sent from the server.
If you do not receive an automatic reply mail, please check the cause as follows.
①Please check your e-mail address for any mistakes.
②It may be automatically sorted to spam folder (junk mail folder). For yahoo, ybb, hotmail, msn, goo, ocn, nifty, aol, dion, infoseek etc, there have such settings, please check before deleting mail.
●Returned goods which had been opened can not be accepted. For items after opening, we will accept replacement only in case of initial malfunction.
●Please contact us within 7 days after goods delivered for returned / exchanged.
●In case of initial malfunction, size error, misdelivery, we will respond with responsibility. We will pay for the shipping fee charged at the time of returning to dealer, and we will refund you if there are no items in stock.
●In case of initial failure, size error, delivery error, please contact 【】