Flower Eye’s 1day Crochet


Flower Eyes One Day Crochet

New series of mimmam collaboration released!

Brand image model "mimmam" and "Flower Eye's" finally collaborated!!
Flower eyes Lineup of all 5 colors including the familiar brown color and other three colors, first time release purple & green.
It is a collaboration series packed with mimmam's commitment to color and design of the lens, as well as the size for each single lens.

Lens design list

【1】-Felicia Purple-

Personality color purple is expressed gently with a deep color that draws out adultness, also conscious about lovely cuteness by brown colored inside.


【2】-Laurel Green-

A beautiful system color sticking to elegant green. It uniquely and delicately the eyes and shining brilliantly with the yellow brown which was colored inside.


【3】-Primula Brown-

a gentle brown color which Bring out "cute". It is recommended for everyday use with dot design of tea border which gives fluffy feeling.


【4】-Thistle Brown-

A silk color that produces a transparent feeling as if your eyes were wet with tears. With a light brown like veil, expressed the eyes of a transparent, pure impression.


【5】-Quince Brown-

With a narrow black edge and an orange brown gradation, the color are warm and slightly. It is a basic design that takes advantage of the color contact lens ish nature.


Features of the lens

【1】With a mark to understand the front and back

since you can see the front and back of the lens with the orientation of the cherry mark designed on the lens, it comfortably for people who are not good at the discrimination of the front and back.
※leaf turning right is the front side (eyelid side)※


【2】Colored diameter according to lens design

The coloring diameter which affects the balance of the eyes is a natural size of 12.5 to 13.1 mm. pursued the size according to each design.


【3】Thin package

possible to Delivery by post mailing with a thin package with a thickness of 10 mm. Cute package design also devised by mimmam!


【4】Pursue "clean" and "cute"

Flower eyes and mimmam repeatedly arranged meetings to pursue "clean" and "cute".



【1】installed the lens in both eyes


【2】installed the lens in single eye


Product Specifications

Flower Eyes One Day Crochet

Product name:Flower Eye’s 1day Crochet
Sales name:Iraux Inova Day View 1DAY
Colored diameter:12.5mm~13.1mm
Laurel green(12.5mm)
Felicia Purple · Primula Brown · Thistle Brown(13.0mm)
Quince Brown(13.1mm)
PWR:【All 25 degrees】
Moisture content:38.5%
Period of use:1 day
Contents: 8 soft contact lenses, attached document
Advanced management medical device approval number:22300BZI00029000
Publisher: Beau-Frontier co.,ltd
Appointed manufacturer :Innova Vision co.,ltd
Country of Origin: Taiwan