Flower Eyes monthly


Flower eyes first "dot design" new release

3 new colors are natural color & design that first time added flower eyes tea border. Eye became brightly since designed border with dots♪


Flowereyes×mimmam official movie


Flower eyes · Product features

【1】Flower eyes only line up easy to use color (brown / black / gray)

Anemone Brown

Amaryllis black

Jasmine gray

Even with basic designs, we are releasing the latest designs that are pleasing to more users, as well as abundant selection of lenses that can choose delicate color differences according to your preference and those are flower eyes only designs.

【2】DIA 14.5 mm presence and design that can enjoy naturalness

"DIA 14.5 mm = big eye" is already old. Flower eyes is a color control that can enjoy natural make-up while emphasizing eyes, with color and design easy to use, as it is with the presence of 14.5 mm.


Features of the lens

【1】Sandwich structure

It is a sandwich structure in which the pigment does not touch the eyes directly because it is wrapped in a transparent material.


【2】Nonionic lens

Nonionic material lenses are resistant to contamination of proteins and so on, comfortable wearing feeling continues.


【3】Low water content lens

Lower water-containing lenses are less susceptible to eye thirst because the amount of tears taken into the lens is small.


【4】lens care are necessary

Dirt and bacteria always accumulate in the lens. please make correct lens care everyday.

【5】Product Specifications

【no degree】Flower Eyes

Sales name:Flower Eyes
PWR:0.00(no degree)
Center thickness:0.17mm
Moisture content:38.5%
Expiration date: Within 1 month after opening
Contents:2 pc per box
Publisher: beau-frontier co.,ltd
Manufacturing: Sunrise co.,ltd
Country of Origin: South Korea
Advanced management medical device approval number:22300BZX00248A11